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We love coffee, that’s why Frans is our high-tech-micro-roaster-guru

Have a taste yourself cause sometimes we sell some of our samples



Design, development and everything else that fits the mobile screen.

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We create brands… together.

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Photography and Film

Everybody has their own style, together we have (y)our style.

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We support 8 languages.

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We are always looking for more people to make our team stronger.

We work project based. Also, if you contact us, tell us your dream. That’s important to us. Seriously!


Did you know we invest in projects with our Lewis & Lovack Foundation?

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More about us

Who we are

Feel free to browse the work and projects we do and see if we have a match.

Because we like to work for a wide range of clients, we created a new business model. Every time you commission us work, 20% of the fee goes to our Lewis & Lovack foundation. With this foundation we can support non profit projects, teaching on special schools, help a startup or support an artist with the Lewis & Lovack Gallery space.

What we do

We create and develop ideas to change the way people think about (online)brands.

How we do it

The simple fact is – there is no one way to do it. No two clients are alike and no two consumers are alike. We do have a core team of members with great ideas, all in their own field of expertise.

Where we do it

We are currently based in Amsterdam

Our Team Capabilities

User Interface Design 95%
Photography 95%
Film 85%
Branding & Identity 95%
Translating 70%
Marketing 90%
IOS Development 80%